About WECS

The Water and Energy Commission (WEC) was established by GoN in 1975 with the objective of developing the water and energy resources in an integrated and accelerated manner. Consequently, a permanent secretariat of WEC was established in 1981 and was given the name, Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS). The primary responsibility of WECS is to assist GoN, different ministries relating to Water Resources and other related agencies in the formulation of policies and planning of projects in the water and energy resources sector. The objectives and mandates of WEC and WECS have been revised and modified a number of times since their establishment.

Composition of Water and Energy Commission (WEC)

The composition of the commission is as follows:

Minister for Energy

Member, National Planning Commission (Water Resources)
Secretaries of Various Eleven Ministries of GoN
Two persons nominated by the Government from well known water resources and energy specialist
Dean, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University
President, Nepal Engineers' Association
Representative, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Member Secretary:
Secretary, WECS

GoN may necessarily add or deduct and reshuffle the number of members of the Commission as and when deemed necessary. The tenure of the nominated members is two years. The Commission may also invites in its meeting experts or officials as and when deemed necessary.

Meeting and decisions of the Commission

  • The Commission shall meet at least twice a year, but the chairperson may call its meetings any time as deemed necessary.
  • The Chairperson shall preside over the meeting of the Commission.
  • The attendance of the fifty percent out of total number of the members of Commission shall be accepted as the quorum for conducting the meeting.
  • The decision of majority shall be regarded as the decision of the meeting. In case the majority is not maintained, the chairperson shall cast the deciding vote.